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How much does the human head weigh?

4365 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Most people advise that determining your Bmi is certainly the the easy way determine if one's body weight is good. Other people point out that Body mass index is actually wrong because it doesn't consider muscles and the hip-waist rate is best.

A particular persons ideally suited body mass might be totally different from another's. When you compare and contrast yourself to friends you actually risk both striving way too high in case you are between fat or even fat people, or perhaps way too low in the event that all people near you does the job like models.

Also matching up your body with those out your current current natural environment may well not do the job.

The amounts of obese along with being overweight a single nation, including the United States of America or perhaps United kingdom, are a lot higher than in The Netherlands. Thus a Nederlander can shoot for a smaller advised weight compared to an American in the event that practically all he or she has done should be to contrast him or her self for other individuals.

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You'll find 3 ways that will help you figure out if your current body weight is best suited, as well as exactly what the focus ought to be if it isn't. You are able to figure out the Body mass index, Weight-Height Ratio, or even Human body Fat Percent. [link url=][/link]

Posted 3446 day ago

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Of course, the weight of a human head is entirely dependent upon the size of the individual head. Generally, a fully developed adult human head without hair will weigh between 8 and 12 pounds. If you are interested in determining the metric weight, then the human head weighs between 3.5 and 5.5 kilograms. This is approximately 8% of the human body’s entire mass. The human skull, which is made up of 29 bones generally, weighs around 2 pounds. The metric equivalent of this is 1 kilogram. There are several means with which a person is capable of scientifically determining the weight of his or her own head. One such way is to fill a container to the point just before it overflows with water. You will need some means to collect and weigh all of the water that spills out of the bucket. Submerge your head in the container. The spilt water represents the weight of your head. Conduct the experiment once more, however, this time you will fully submerge the entirety of your body except for your head. Collect and weigh the spilt water. This sample combined with the first sample represents your entire body weight. Determine what percentage of the water represents your head and then apply that to your personal body weight. The result should provide you with an accurate estimate as to the weight of your head. Take into consideration that the average human brain weighs roughly 3.5 pounds. Once again, using the metric system the human brain weighs roughly 1,500 grams. You will need to incorporate this weight into the weight you determined earlier using water if you are attempting to determine the weight of the head with a brain. Another way in which you can determine the weight is to place a severed head on a scale. Keep in mind that if you are not a licensed mortician or a forensic medical examiner this is not a good idea.

Posted 4365 day ago

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3521 day(s) ago
Hi I've been looking for the same info, thank you for posting. I'm also looking for the rest of the body's ratios. Do you what percentage of the body's mass is apportioned to the arms/legs and torso? Any advice you have would be most appreciated.


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Question Title How much does the human head weigh?
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