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why does eye twitch ?

Why does my eye twitch?

5247 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Mr. Boxy
Eye twitching, known to doctors as "blepharospasm," is almost always caused by an abnormally functioning basal ganglia.

OK, that probably doesn't help you much. The basal ganglia is a group of brain structures that control eye movement. Being part of the brain, they're affected by the same things that affect the rest of your brain. Most eye twitching is connected to either a lack of sleep, stress, or eye strain. Neurological disorders like Tourette syndrome can also cause eye twitching.

Sometimes irritation or damage of the eye can cause twitching. Often, this is from having dry eyes, or an eye lash that is trapped beneath the eyelid, causing irritation.

The most severe eye twitching is called essential blepharospasm. This is an uncontrolled opening and closing of the eyelid that can make seeing difficult, preventing the person from doing everyday tasks like driving. This problem can also be treated at the eye, using Botox to paralyze the eye muscles, or a myectomy can be performed to surgically remove some of the affected tissue.

As annoying as they may be, eye twitches aren't damaging by themselves. Reducing stress and getting a good night's rest can go a long way toward reducing twitches. If you feel you need treatment, see your regular doctor first. He or she can determine if the problem is eye or brain related.

Posted 5247 day ago

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