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how to smoke a cigar ?

My boss invited me to a party. He likes cigars and hangs around people who smoke cigars. He's going to ask me to smoke a cigar with him but I don't know how.

5077 day(s) ago

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Cigar smoking is a past time that adults have enjoyed for hundreds of years. Most men and many women, as well, become curious at some point about smoking a cigar. Before beginning, you should be aware that cigar smoking has been linked to cancer, as have all tobacco products. There is no such thing as safe tobacco. That being said, there are a few preliminary steps to be taken before the cigar can be smoked properly and each step is an important part in whole of the ritual.

First, the cigar must be inspected. Make sure the wrapper has no discoloration, holes, or cracks. The cigar should be supple in your fingers without being squishy. Next, the cigar must be cut. One tip of the cigar is closed to help keep the wrapper bound and tobacco fresh. This is the end from which the smoke is drawn. There are several different types of cuts and cutters but the most common is the single or double-bladed guillotine. The cut should be clean and straight across just above the cone line, where the cigar takes its full shape.

When lighting the cigar, a wooden match or butane lighter should be held under the open end of the cigar, warming it. Roll the cigar in your fingers so it is evenly warmed on all sides. Now, put the cigar in your mouth and use a second match. Hold the match to the end and inhale slowly while turning the cigar in your fingers, for an even light.

Cigars are smoked slowly over the course of 30 minutes up to over an hour. Draw the smoke into your mouth slowly and let it roll around your tongue. Never inhale cigar smoke. The smoke stays in your mouth and then it is slowly exhaled. After the first few puffs, remove the band. It is considered bad etiquette to display the brand of cigar you are smoking.

Posted 5077 day ago

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