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how to rap ?

I like to rap but I'm not very good. How do I get better?

5269 day(s) ago

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Eminem and Snoop Dogg make rapping looking easy. Itís just rhyming, right? Far from it. Rap requires musical talent. It requires meter, tone, writing skills, and the ability to keep a beat. Ice T likes to call it ďthe pocket.Ē Youíve got to get in and stay in ďthe pocketĒ where the rhymes flow and keep pace with the beat of the music.

As with all new things, it is best to begin small and work up to the complex. Memorize some simple phrases and work them into a beat. Hereís an example:

I move fast.
I drive on the grass.
Hate to go to school.
Iím way too cool.

Sure, it sounds ridiculous, and thatís why the first steps are usually done alone. Once you have a few lines memorized, itís time to work on your freestyle. Try to add lines as you go. Look at the things around you and what you are doing and put them into the rap. Donít worry about making mistakes. Even Eminem has incorporated his mistakes into the actual song. Try to recover and rhyme the mistake into the song.

When you are working or doing any mindless physical activity, like at the gym, think of new rhymes. Go over rhyming words in your head and you will begin to remember them when you freestyle. As you freestyle, your mind must be thinking ahead as your mouth continues talking.

When you feel confident about yourself, begin working with a partner. Freestyle rap a few verses and hand it off to your partner. This gives you a little time to reflect and prepare but continue listening to your partner. You want to work off each other and pull ideas from each other.

Try to use metaphors and similes. One mark of great rappers is their ability to put pictures in your thoughts. Some examples are: sharp like a knife, high as a kite, running like water. Some final advice is to practice, practice, practice.

Posted 5269 day ago

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