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how to play guitar ?

How do I play the guitar?

5290 day(s) ago

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A guitar works by striking a string to create a vibration. This vibration is transferred to the body to create a sound.

An "open" note is one that is played by hitting a string without pushing down on a fret. The notes that each string plays from top to bottom are E, A, D, G, and E. When referring to strings, they are often by the open note they play, i.e. the middle string is the "D" string. The top string is "low E" or first string, and the bottom string is "high E" or sixth string.

Pressing the string against one of the frets shortens it, creating a higher tone. Each fret raises the sound by a half-tone, so if the D string is pushed against the fret closest to the head it will play a D#. The trick is to push the string down with your finger just before the fret. Pushing down directly on the fret will keep the string from vibrating as much as it should, muffling the sound. Pushing too far away from the fret will let more of the string vibrate, creating a lower tone.

Chords are several notes played at the same time. In the video, you will see a box in the corner when they play chords. This is a guitar tab. It shows which frets have to be pressed to play a chord. The tab should be read left to right: the far left string is low E, and the far right is high E. The horizontal lines represent the frets. If a black mark is above the fret line, hold down that fret when you play. If an open note is to be played on the string, an "O" is put above the string on the tab. If it shouldn't be played there will be an "X" above the string.

Posted 5290 day ago

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