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how to pass a drug test ?

How can I be sure I pass a drug test?

5299 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Um...maybe by not doing drugs in the first place.?

Posted 4645 day ago

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Stop using everything. The sooner these chemicals leave your system, the more likely you will show up clean.

How long are drugs detectable? It depends on the drug and your body chemistry. With a urine test, marijuana can be detected a few days in an occasional smoker, or as long as a month in habitual smokers, amphetamines can be detected up to five days, and most other drugs can be detected within three days.

Hair sample test can detect traces of most drugs up to 90 days after their last use.

Urine test

There are many ways people beat drug test in the past that labs have adjusted for. Doing any of the following will draw suspicion:

Using "detox" formulas beforehand, or adding "spiking" directly to the urine to throw off the results: Most of these can be identified by the lab test.

Diluting the urine: Sample temperature is recorded when the sample is taken. If there is water available, it will probably be too cold to make the sample look like it just came out of you. Some people drink a lot of water beforehand to let their bodies dilute the sample, but if the lab receives a clear urine sample, they will set the detection levels lower.

It is possible, but extremely difficult, to substitute urine. A urine sample will only last two days when refrigerated, and must be at body temperature when the sample is given. Urine substitutes are easily identified because they don't have the foam at the top that normal urine has.

Hair test

It may be possible to wash off the chemicals left over from drug use out of the hair to the degree, but newer tests use core samples of hair, which mostly negate this method.

About a square half inch of hair is needed for a test. If you shave your head, a test can still be run using body hair.

False positives

There are a number of legal drugs that can cause false positives, particularly codeine, which is chemically very similar to heroin. Make sure the people doing the test are aware of anything you may be using.

Posted 5299 day ago

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