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how to ollie ?

I just started skateboarding and I want to learn to do an ollie.

5077 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Although the ollie is a basic skateboarding move and one of the first tricks a skateboarder learns, it is a daunting prospect at first. This is because most people who haven’t done an ollie are fairly new to skateboarding. Try not to get too worked up about your initial failures. Getting angry or upset will just distract you from completing your first ollie. Try these tips the next time you practice to help you get it down.

Get the skateboard moving at medium pace. If you go too slow and you won’t have enough momentum for the ollie and if you go too fast, you will only lose your balance as you start the trick. Your front foot should be just behind the front wheels, near the center of the board. As you are moving, squat down slightly so you have some spring action when you jump.

Make sure your balance is steady. Keep your back as straight as possible. Your shoulders also need to be level with the ground. Now, kick down with your back foot so the board “pops.” The back of the board will hit the ground. The pop lifts the board into the air. Move your front foot forward and straighten your legs as the board lifts into the air and jump. Keep your front foot on the grip tape to keep control. The board will rise with you as you jump since your weight is the only thing keeping it down in the first place. Many beginners don’t straighten their legs until the board is already coming down and this hurts their overall height. As your front foot slides forward, your back foot should be rising. You want to be straightening the board for your landing. At the same time, pull your knees up. Try to land with both feet at the same time.

Once you master the ollie, you will be ready for a number of new tricks that use the ollie as a starting point.

Posted 5077 day ago

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