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how to grow marijuana ?

How can I grow marijuana?

5076 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

actually there are many states in which you can grow medical marijuana legally...but federally those state laws are not recognized and can be enforced over the state law allowing medical marijuana.
I'm sure if the doctor suggested medical marijuana then your state has "legalized" it to some extent for medical purposes...assuming so, did you ask the doctor for a prescription? first step you need to take is to get a medical marijuana prescription aka a "green" card. if you aren't sure how to grow it you can get some books, its not too hard...consider...its a weed. however, for a good harvest there are certain tips and tricks to make it more prosperous and potent. so it would be best to get a book. of course with a prescription you can just buy it from a club...and i think you are allowed to grow about 6 male/6 female plants at a time. something like that. and that's quite a lot. so its really up to you, but first you definitely need a prescription.

head shops have books about growing...and paraphernalia.

and going into your local cannabis club they will be able to tell you all you need to know or get you some resources.

[link url=]Growing Medical Marijuana[/link]

Posted 4435 day ago

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Before you begin, you may want to pick up the February 2010 issue of High Times: it covers varying local laws on how to grow pot legally.

Marijuana is a plant, and will grow using the same techniques you'd use for flowers and vegetables. What follows are some marijuana-specific guidelines that can be applied to general plant growing knowledge:

Male plants don't produce as much THC, but they are still usable. Some seed sellers specialize in all female seeds.

Outdoor Plants

Potted seedlings can be planted in the open after about ten days. The seeds should be planted pointy-end up in loose soil.

The plants will need at least eight hours of direct sunlight.

If the legality of your crop is questionable, you'll want to plant it in irregular spots to avoid detection. Weed grows well around corn and hops. Placing the plants in a remote area probably won't help: I live in the country, and I regularly see DEA helicopters fly over my house looking for marijuana growth.

A male plant will mature in about 12 weeks, while a female plant reaches maturity in about 15.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants won't grow as well as outdoor plants, but they will produce more resin.

Hydroponics or a nutrient bath can be used, but it's a lot easier to grow from pots. Marijuana grows best in a mixture made from a mix of manure and Perlite, a volcanic rock-based soil. Nitrogen can be used when watering plants after they've passed the seedling stage.

High pressure sodium lamps, like the type you find in school gyms, are a popular choice for lighting. They produce a tremendous amount of light in a small space, but draw an average of 700 watts: this may be more than your home circuit breaker box can handle. Other light sources can be used, just as long as there's plenty of it.

Air circulation will also help the plants grow. This can be done with an oscillating stand fan that you can pick up at any hardware or discount store.

This video has a lot more information about feeding marijuana:

Posted 5076 day ago

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