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how to build muscle ?

How do I build muscle?

5294 day(s) ago

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Muscle tone comes from low body fat, not lots of reps as previously thought. Concentrate on low numbers of reps with large weights.

Consider "dinosaur" training: This is a new trend in exercise, bringing back old school techniques to increase strength. If you can move a lever on a machine attached to a 200lb weight, you can move a lever on a machine attached to a 200lb weight. If you can lift a 200lb sandbag, you can lift 200lbs of just about anything. Why? The machine is holding the weight in place, while the sandbag shifts around, requiring the use of stabilization muscles.


Your diet should consist of three things: whole grains, fruits and vegetables, low-fat protein, and just a little fat. On average, each meal should be about fifty percent carbohydrates, thirty-five percent protein, and fifteen percent fat.

Avoid processed foods, fruit juices, sugar, white flour, and fatty meats. Start reading labels: if you can't identify it, don't eat it. Eat five or six small meals during the day to keep your metabolism going, and make sure you have a big breakfast.

If you decide to use protein powders, be very, very careful which one you choose. Eating the wrong powder will cause you to immediately lose muscle mass, put on several pounds of fat a week, grow breasts, and give you a heart attack.

OK, that's not really true, but you'd think it was if you ask most weightlifters which protein is best. Soy protein will not turn you into a girl, unless you are eating very large amounts. Casein in whey protein does help muscle growth, but soy protein may be more bioavailable. Egg white protein is really expensive. Find a powder you like and stick to it, or try GOMAD, aka "Gallon of Milk a Day." Skim milk is cheap and easy to consume in large quantities.

You will probably add some fat along with the muscle. Once you've bulked up, switch to a cardio-heavy "cutting" plan.

Posted 5294 day ago

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