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how to be successful ?

Is there a way I can be successful at anything?

5077 day(s) ago

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"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

This is great advice with the proper application. Success isn't repetition or trial and error, it's learning and application combined with persistence.

If you want to succeed, follow these steps:

1. Set goals - What is success to you? What do you want to achieve? Start by defining a large goal, and then move on to smaller goals you need to achieve to reach that big goal. Break everything into small parts that can be achieved in short periods of time, like a day or week. This will give you the base you'll need for step 2.

2. Learn - Someone has probably done what you want to do before, and they've shared the information in a book a class, a TV show, or a web site like the one you're reading right now. A little studying will save you a lot of effort. You may want to revisit step 1 if this new knowledge changes what you'll need to do to achieve your main goal.

3. Find mentors - Sometimes it takes a fresh look to solve a problem. Find someone who knows about what you are trying to achieve, or at least someone with the same goals.

4. Test - Now you know what to do, work toward one of your small goals.

5. Evaluate - Once you've done something, compare the result with your goal. Try to figure out what went right or wrong. Get advice from your mentor.

6. Adjust and repeat -This is the one step most people forget. Change the process according to your evaluation, and try again.

There are two more things most people miss:

Your mentor's advice is not law. Sometimes what they suggest won't work for you, or no longer works in the current environment -- just ask anyone who's worked in finance. :)

If for some reason you don't achieve one of your small goals, it doesn't mean you are a failure. Continue with your plan, or if you continue to fail, re-evaluate your goals. Most people give up before they've really put forth an effort.

Posted 5077 day ago

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