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What is cellulite?

What is cellulite, anyway?

5313 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

We can explain cellulite in many terms but one thing i want to highlight it is an ugly skin combination that occur with much oily food. Study says that most of the womans got cellulite after the age of 18. Normally this problem can be seen in women, in rare cases cellulite can also be seen on male. During pregnancy there are more chances to have cellulite so those who are pregnant should need to take some special advises from their doctors.

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Posted 4340 day ago

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Cellulite is the dimpling of the skin around the stomach, pelvis, and particularly the thighs. It gives the skin a texture often described as "cottage cheese" or "orange skin," and occurs most often in women. The appearance of cellulite comes from changes in fat structures beneath the skin.

Cellulite is a description of the skin, not a medical condition. A range of things can cause cellulite, including genetics, diet, stress, changes in the structure of connective tissue, and numerous illnesses. These factors are just starting to be understood by medical science.

While there is no concrete evidence that hormones increase cellulite, its presence in men is typically linked to diseases that cause a deficiency in androgen. Stress-related cellulite is believed to be tied to catecholamines, chemicals released by the adrenal glands in tense situations.

There isn't any recommended treatment for cellulite, but a good diet can help prevent it from forming. Alcohol and saturated fats have been directly linked to the formation of cellulite, while excess salt and sugar can increase water retention, which will also increase cellulite. It should be noted that since cellulite is caused by fat beneath the skin rather than the skin itself, skin creams can help mask the effect but don't truly treat the problem

Posted 5313 day ago

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