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What is acne?

What exactly is acne and why do i have it?

4920 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Most common cause is a hormonal imbalance. Other secundary causes are: bad diet, not cleaning your face, not drinking enought water.
Brenda from

Posted 4060 day ago

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Acne is basically a small infection in your pores. Sometimes the pores where you hair follicles grow out of can get blocked. These pores secrete an oil call Sebum and itís function to make the skin and hair waterproof. If the skin wasnít water proof it would dry out and cause damage to your skin tissue. Now this Sebum comes out of Sebaceous glands under the skin that connect to your pore ducts. If this oil gets trapped it forms a water tight seal in the pore allowing bacteria to fester and grow. This causes the swelling and irritation. Youíre also getting a lot of white blood cells under there too. They can rush in to combat the infection and as the die they mix with the oil and bacteria creating that white puss that explodes out when you pop them. Or you might get blackheads which is when the bacteria reaches the surface of your skin and oxidizes turning to that dark black color. You can see this on the nose very easily because your pores there are so shallow. Basically the easiest way to prevent this is to wash yourself. Washing away the excess oil and dirt off your skin will prevent your pores from getting blocked.

Hereís a video showing it in motion.
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Posted 4920 day ago

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