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What are stem cells and why are they important?

5229 day(s) ago

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Stem cells might be one of those things that you have heard about on the news in recent years, usually with people protesting and complaining about research being performed on these cell types. What they are exactly are cells that are unspecialized but retain two different abilities. These abilities are being able to differentiate into other types of cells and being able to self-regenerate.

Differentiating into other cell types means just as it says it can adapt to its environment and basically transform into an equally functioning cell type. As for self-regeneration, this means stem cells have an ability to divide and produce more stem cells. With the ability of transforming into other cell types, this is potentially very useful in the advancement of medicine to cure otherwise incurable diseases.

As you may infer from that explanation, this would prompt scientists and researchers alike to poke around and see how they may be useful to us in the advancement of medicine. One of the things that has been attempted to research in stem cells is its ability to form new cells in a cancer patient and, in essence, help rid them of cancer.

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Posted 5229 day ago

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Question Title What are stem cells and why are they important?
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