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How to get rid of moles?

How can I safely and permanently get rid of unwanted moles?

5222 day(s) ago

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We donít all have the looks of a Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford. These two beauties became famous despite very noticeable moles on their faces. They may have become famous because of the moles. Most of us donít want those glaring moles on our faces or anywhere for that matter. Some moles can also turn into something more sinister like skin cancer. So for those of us who donít want to keep our moles, here are some of the more common ways to get rid of them.

1. The most common method is to go to your doctor and have the mole surgically removed. These procedures are quick and simple. Your doctor will numb the area and remove the mole by shaving it off or cutting it out. Depending on the size, there may be a stitch or two involved. But usually you can be in and out in ten minutes, pain free. You can take a look at this video to have this procedure explained by a dermatologist and see just how simple it is.

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2. A dermatologist can remove moles with a laser. Again, the area will be numbed before the procedure. A laser is used to destroy the tissue in the mole with little or no damage to the skin surrounding it.

3. How about freezing? Liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the mole and destroys the tissue. The drawbacks here are that this method, called Cryotherapy, can hurt and also leave a scar.

If you have small moles or moles that arenít raised, there are even some home remedies, many using herbs and other natural substances, that can help fade them. For example:

1. Extract the juice from green apples and rub it on the mole 3 times a day for 3 weeks. The mole should get thinner and fade.

2. Garlic can rid of moles almost as well as it gets rid of vampires! Cut a clove of garlic in half and place one, slice side down, on the mole and tie it on with a bandage. After two or three nights of this, the sulfur in the garlic should remove the mole.

Posted 5222 day ago

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