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How to get rid of blackheads?

I have pretty clear skin, but no matter what I do, I'm always plagued by blackheads! Can you tell me how I can get rid of them for good?

5222 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

I used to have exactly the same problem. Honestly, the main solution is to keep your skin as clean as possible. Sweat, dirt, make up and oil all contribute to the blackhead problem, so keeping your skin clean of these contaminants is the most important step. Lots of soaps are too harsh or abrasive on the skin, and can actually make the problem worse! I recommend a soap that's specifically for faces, preferably with a label that says "noncomedogenic." If you feel like you already keep your skin clean, there are other things you can do to supplement this.
Before you wash your face, steam it over hot water, or apply warm compresses to the affected area. This helps open the pores, and soften the blackheads. After that, make sure you exfoliate! All sorts of terrible things build up on your face over the course of a day, including your own dead skin, and exfoliating helps to slough this extra detritus off your face and out of your life. Be careful, though; your skin is delicate, and over-doing it can lead to irritation, redness, and breakouts. I also use specific blackhead removing products; there are lots of different astringent cleansers on the market, and I really think they help dissolve the grease and minimize my pores. At the end, rinse your face with cold water. The cold is important, because it makes your newly cleaned pores smaller and less likely to become clogged with dirt and oils.
I've found a video that basically reiterates what I've said as well; the expert here also recommends Biore strips, but I've never used them, so I'm not sure whether they work or not. It can't hurt, right? Good luck, and I hope this answers your question!

Posted 5222 day ago

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