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How to gain weight?

I have been very sick recently and lost a lot of weight. How can I help myself get it back? I've always had a fast metabolism, so this is very hard for me. Help!

5295 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

I have an elderly father with this very problem, plus some wrestling friends trying to advance a weight class, so I've seen different ways of bulking up. Here are some things that helped in my experience that you might try:

Obviously, the first step is to increase your calorie intake. You need to be eating rich, calorie-packed foods to help boost your weight, but still keep your health in mind. A brand I've found that works very well for this purpose is Ensure Plus. Each drink is eight fluid ounces, and has 350 calories while providing a lot of nutrients as well. My dad was very, very thin, so I would make him milkshakes using these prepared beverages. Two bottles of Ensure, a cup of ice cream and the flavorings of your choice make a tasty milk shake that's certainly better for you than straight ice cream.
Exercise regularly. Muscle mass is a great way to build up your weight healthily. Make sure you consume a good amount of protein (such as meat, fish, nuts, milk) before you work out, and exercise! Muscle weight is the kind of weight you've most likely lost the most of by being sick, so this should definitely help.
If you're exercising regularly, you should switch to activities that still provide positive health benefits but burn fewer calories. Gentle weight lifting will help improve muscle tone without burning off all those calories from your milk shake!

Remember to keep your health in mind during this process. Gaining weight too fast isn't healthy either, nor is pumping yourself full of fat. Be patient, take your time, and slowly regain your strength with nutrient rich foods that donít disrupt your cholesterol, as well as efficient workouts. Good luck!

Posted 5295 day ago

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