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How do I cut my own hair?

5221 day(s) ago

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This is not as strange a question as it may seem at first. Cutting one’s own hair has been done by many individuals in the past with great success and as the economy forces us all to tighten our belts, do-it-yourself haircuts have again come into fashion. The best way to cut your own hair is to use the popular easy-haircut device, the Flowbee. This electric trimmer uses a vacuum cleaner to pull hair up into it the blade at pre-designated settings for a simple and effective haircut every time.

If you don’t have access to a Flowbee, then a few simple steps will ensure a self-haircut that won’t send your friends running. Remember, it is always easier to cut wet hair. First, shampoo your hair without drying and keep a spray bottle nearby after you begin. Also, make sure the scissors you will be using are sharp. If not, sharpen them or invest in a new pair that is designed just for cutting hair.

Do not try to cut a lot of hair all with one cut. Cut a little bit of hair at a time. This will prevent commonplace accidents and lessen the damage caused by them. An accidental cut of a small piece of hair is easier to cover or fix than a larger swath. It is not recommended to try complex styling when cutting your hair yourself. The easiest haircut to perform is a style with same length everywhere. This is easily done by combing the hair down and holding a little between your first two fingers the desired length of the cut. Cut the hair on top of the fingers and move on to the next section.

For trimming bangs only, it is recommended to cut them in two steps. Part the bangs in the center with a comb and cut each identically using the “two fingers” method described above. Trim away any stray hairs. It’s as simple as that!

Posted 5221 day ago

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Question Title How do I cut my own hair?
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