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Have sturgeons ever been found with human heads in them?

I know that sturgeons are large, and that sometimes fishermen get drunk, therefore the question.

4643 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

The sturgeon is any of 26 different species of fish. They are among one of the oldest bony fish species surviving today. They are often caught for sport, for their eggs as caviar or occasionally for their meat. One of the most common species of sturgeon is the white sturgeon. It is fished off the west coast of the United States.

Adult sturgeon can commonly be found that are 7 to 12 feet long. Some sturgeon can even grow up to 18 feet in length. Although sturgeon are very long, their body is relatively slender. They also have very thin heads that come nearly to a point and small mouths. Because their mouths are not big in comparison with their body, they often eat smaller sea life, such as shrimp and crustaceans.

Sturgeon are bottom-feeders. They get their food from under the sea floor or just above it. They also have a unique attribute: they have taste buds on the outside of their mouth. This allows sturgeon to taste their food before they eat it.

Apparently, human heads and other body parts are not too appetizing for sturgeon because none have been found among their stomach contents. They may taste a human head and realize it is not worthy of being eaten. A human head is also very large. It would be difficult for most sturgeon to even swallow it.

Another factor in that no sturgeon have been found with human heads in them is that severed human heads are extremely rare on the sea floor. A sturgeon would not attempt to eat a human head that was still attached to a body. It would have to be already severed. The odds of a sturgeon running across a severed human are astronomical, and even more so when you considered that the fish must then be caught.

Posted 4637 day ago

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Question Title Have sturgeons ever been found with human heads in them?
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