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IS Social Networking sites under Competitions? (Social Media Wars)

Google the great giant for Search engines, Social media juggernaut, Application and lots to think about it's history and achievements. Now recently we smell the Google+ new social network after losing it tendency in the Orkut. Though having the bugs is the fact for every new launches but the power to be maintained in the world with the user is the biggest challenge. Google after every changes now came with the most powerful Google+ to make the biggest war with all fast growing social network in history. Google+ in competition with Facebook, Twitter & many more social network to think more now on all the aspect to get something new to the users. Recently Facebook make the changes to proficiency for the video Chats, Status, Online user list upgrading. Google+ have made user get the new social platform to grow but in short run Google+ reached great density level for the Social media world. co-founder Paul Allen recent analysis of Google+'s growth on his Google+ account say that it will reach 18 million Users by coming Tuesday.

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Question Title IS Social Networking sites under Competitions? (Social Media Wars)
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