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why do we have countries on earth?

4795 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

So that we can have wars.

Posted 4766 day ago

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We have countries on Earth for a few different reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that it is out of tradition. People seem to enjoy having a geographic region and group of people in which they are a part. Countries did not develop overnight, and some of the original reasons that created them have changed in the modern world. The origin of countries, also known as nations or sovereign states, goes back to the origins of humankind itself.

Scientists and historians have found substantial evidence purporting that for hundreds of thousands of years, humans roamed freely in small groups. These groups were mostly made of a few families. They spent much of their time hunting, gathering food, and accomplishing other tasks of survival. Some tens of thousands of years ago, these small bands of people grew larger as it began to be seen as beneficial to survival. Eventually, about 7,000 years ago, people discovered the art of agriculture. They began to grow crops and domesticate animals. This created a large population boom and the need to create villages.

The first tribal societies are said to have developed in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Mexico, and Peru. As the tribes grew larger, it became necessary to create laws to keep order amongst the people. Some debate exists over the exact origin of countries, but it is believed to have begun with territorial disputes or fights over natural resources. As tribes came into contact with each other, they began to compete for resources and found a need to protect themselves from other tribes. As time went on, each tribe formed their own culture, system of beliefs, and laws. Territories began to be defined. During war, some tribes grew dramatically as they took over other tribes. The tribes that grew spread their culture and enforced their own laws. The people intermarried and made the culture stronger and more populous.

As centuries passed, people began to map out the entire world. Unclaimed territories were claimed for one nation or other so the territories resourced could be used for the benefit of the country or a select few people in the country. As countries grew larger, the ruling class used the shared beliefs of the people as a means of controlling them. Nationalism is still used as a rallying cry to get the masses to perform some task or fight some war. Countries remain in existence today as a means of controlling people, the economy, and the distribution of wealth. Many people prefer to be associated with a country, and they like to be around like-minded people with whom they have lots in common. Other people believe the idea of countries is outdated and only causes problems.

Posted 4791 day ago

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Question Title why do we have countries on earth?
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