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what would the sims see in a microscope?

With the progress of technology I can imagine in 1000 years we have very powerful computers,

And we run a program like the sims on it with very advanced AI that the characters or individuals in the program are intelligent sentient beings and they somehow build a microscope and look into it, what would they see?

4899 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

You pose a very interesting question. This question is answered easily, but the variances that open up from the answer can be speculated and debated upon indefinitely. The reason why the answer may elude you, I believe, is because you are combining the two separate realities, or universes, if you will. Because the Sims universe is contained within a digitally created, computerized world, a mere microscope would in no way allow them to glimpse into the universe in which we live no more than we could look into their computer world by looking into a telescope.

Now, before the question can be answered correctly, we must first identify in which universe the microscope exists that the Sims are looking through. There are two possible choices: 1.) The Sims are looking through a digitally created microscope in their own universe or 2.) The Sims are somehow controlling and looking through a microscope that is located in our “real” universe but is attached to the computer system that generates their universe.

If they are looking through a microscope that exists in our universe, the Sims would see whatever we see. They would see the cellular structures of organic tissues and extreme close-ups of inorganic matter. No surprises there.

If they are looking through a microscope in their own universe, they would see whatever was programmed for them to see. Given that physics works exactly the same, they would be limited to viewing whatever the program calls for them to see. At some point, instructions would have to had to be given for the basic structure of all “matter” in the Sims universe. This could be whatever the programmer desires. It doesn’t even have to make sense to us. If the AI of the Sims were sufficiently advanced, as is human intelligence, they would observe whatever they see and hypothesize why it is that way. Through their own science, they would be able to hypothesize, test, and theorize to determine the laws and workings of their universe.

If the programmers of the Sims universe decided that they didn’t want to get into microscopic structures in that universe, they would still have to determine what can be seen from a microscope. If the programmers decide it should just be blackness, empty, or simply a blurry ultra-close-up, the Sims would observe such and make their hypotheses on this observation instead.

Posted 4884 day ago

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Question Title what would the sims see in a microscope?
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