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Do eyebrows grow back after shaving them?

I accidentally shaved part of my eyebrow. I'm pretty sure it will grow back, right?

5183 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Reality is, any hair that is cut or shaved will definately grow back because the hair follicle is not affected. The hair follicle could become damaged by PLUCKING or WAXING because the hair is removed from the follicle and under the skin, so the more a hair is plucked, the greater chance that hair follicle could be damaged

Nobody has the energy to pluck their legs, head r arms, so they cut and shave it, the that hair always grows back right?

but plucking eyebrows is useful to us, but some of us have thinner eyebrows from plucking now

if leg hairs were plucked, i'm sure some fllicles would be damaged too

all hairs are the same, but each way of removing hair affects hair growth differently

Posted 4709 day ago

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Like any other hair on the human body, eyebrows grow back should they be shaved or cut. Many women, and some men, engage in the practice of plucking their eyebrows straight out of their skin for cosmetic purposes. This is a much more traumatic removal of the hair compared to shaving. When you shave a hair, eyebrows included, a small piece of the hair still exists just under the skin. When you pluck a hair, it is ripped completely out of the follicle. Plucking an eyebrow is not a once-in-a-lifetime job. Eventually, the hair grows back and must be plucked again. When you shave an eyebrow, since the base of the strand is still intact, it grows back much quicker than if it were plucked. This is the whole reason why women pluck their eyebrows instead of shaving them. Plucking can be done more infrequently and without stubble.

Although eyebrows grow back, there is one minor problem eyebrow hair is the slowest growing hair on the human body. Plucked eyebrows take approximately 56 days to grow back, so you will have to have a little patience if you are waiting for them to return. In the meantime, you can try filling them in with an eyebrow pencil and powder. First, fill in the color with the pencil, using small, light strokes. Then, use an angled brow brush to spread a layer of powder over the penciled-in brows. A brow comb will help to soften the colors and blend the penciled-in areas with any remaining real hair.

Some people are worried that shaved or plucked eyebrows will grow back thicker or bushier. This is only a myth. Shaving or plucking does not cause hair to grow back thicker.

Posted 5183 day ago

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Question Title Do eyebrows grow back after shaving them?
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