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Is human breast milk healthy to drink?

It seems strange that we drink cow milk, but not people milk.

5163 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

While we are aware that human breast milk is good and healthy for babies, scientists are just now beginning to test consumption of the milk by adults. Human breast milk is no more harmful than cow or goat milk. In fact, many people say it is healthier than the milk from other animals because that milk is made for the consumption of those animals, not people. Most adults today who consume breast milk do so, however, because of a fetish. They find it to be sexually exciting. Most every adult who drinks breast milk keeps it a secret because they are afraid of the backlash of societal judgments. People consider it to be extremely gross. Recently, an owner of a New York restaurant served his customers a cheese he made from his wife’s breast milk. He never hid the fact, and several customers said they liked it. He was ordered by a judge to stop serving it, though, because it wasn’t sufficiently controlled by the health department. Most people think the order came because it was just considered “not acceptable.”

Recently, some men with cancer have begun drinking human milk because it may reduce the size of cancerous tumors. One study, conducted in 1995, shows that a compound in human milk, alpha lactalbumin, killed cells from a brain tumor in a test tube. In 2004, the same scientific team found that the same compound destroys warts caused by the HPV virus. Doctors say that more studies must be made before the real benefits will be known. The only problem with drinking breast milk is if the woman who produces it has a disease. If she does, it may be possible to spread the disease through her milk.

Posted 5163 day ago

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Question Title Is human breast milk healthy to drink?
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