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What is new car smell?

Why do cars have that smell when they are new? What is it that makes the smell?

5181 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

New car smell is the combination of several chemicals that are present in new cars. These chemicals come from various parts of the car, such as the plastic of the dashboard, the carpet, the material of the seats, and the glues that keep it all together. The exact components of the scent are different for different cars and different trims of the same model car. Cars are released to the public for sale very soon after they are manufactured. Also, most new cars are kept closed so there is no air circulation. The components of the car have not yet properly set when they are sold. It can take several weeks or even months of fresh air before the chemical compounds set and stop giving off an odor.

One study in 1995 that analyzed new car smell in a Lincoln Continental identified over 50 compounds that combined to produce the scent. In the Lincoln, these compounds were found to be coming from the carpet, vinyl, leather, latex glue, lubricants, paint, and gasoline fumes. A follow-up analysis two months later found the strength of the compounds was reduced significantly. Other studies came up with similar results. An Australian study showed that new car smell could even cause serious health conditions. This study showed that some of the chemicals in new car smell caused headaches, disorientation, and skin irritation.

New car smell that comes in a spray or as some other form of air freshener is a scent created artificially in a laboratory. The components of fake new car smell are all safe for humans and made from a mixture of different chemicals known to produce safe scents.

Posted 5181 day ago

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