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How to paint with an airbrush

How do I paint with an airbrush?

5235 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Mr. Boxy
When airbrushing, you need to use airbrush-specific paint. This paint has a much finer texture than other artist paints, letting it spray evenly from the brush.

A water filter will keep water from mixing with the air in your brush up the a point: be sure to empty your compressor occasionally. There should be a purge valve for draining. Even in dry climates, this needs to be done at least once a month.

Unlike other spray paint methods , an airbrush lets you control the air and paint separately. This lets you shut the paint off while you're over the canvas without splattering.

When you start painting, you'll want to turn the air on first, then gradually pull back on the button to release paint. Paint should be applied lightly to avoid spidering and runs. If you want to make an area darker, apply the paint in layers. The area covered by the paint is controlled by how far the needle is from the canvas: The further it is, the more the paint will spread.

You'll need to clean your gun between colors. You can buy airbrush-specific cleaner in a bottle fitted with a "york cap," which is designed to go into the paint reservoir and needle slot of your gun. Attach the cleaner bottle to the reservoir and spray into a can or on some spare paper until the spray is clear, then remove the needles and attach the bottle and spray again. Put the needle in and pull it out: if you don't see any paint, the gun is clean.

Posted 5235 day ago

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