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How to rollerskate

How do I roller skate?

5237 day(s) ago

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Mr. Boxy
Wear protective equipment: you are going to fall a lot. Practice falling forward so when you trip you land on your pads instead of your face.

To move forward, stand with your heels together so your feet make a "V." Walk forward, leaning on the front foot as it touches down: you should start rolling. Remember to keep your feet at an angle with each step.

There are three ways you can turn:

Lean turning: With both feet directly below you, bend your knees and lean in the direction you want to go. The rate at which you turn will depend on how loose your trucks are.

Crossover turning: Walk sideways, crossing each leg in front of the other. By doing this you can push off with each step to increase your speed.

Bracket turning: Turn your feet sideways so they meet at the heels. You now have a rolling surface similar to a skateboard. The more you lean, the faster you will turn.

Braking methods vary depending on whether you are using roller skates or in-line skates:

Bracket stop: You can use the bracket turning method to stop by leaning over enough to spin in a tight circle.

T-stop: Turn your back foot sideways and let the wheels drag on the ground. This works better on in-line skates than roller skates.

Roller skate toe stop: Tilt your rear foot forward and let the toe stop gently drag on the ground.

In-line skate heel brake stop: Put your front foot slightly forward and to the side of your back foot. Rock your front foot back until the brake makes contact with the ground. Increase braking force by kneeling down as if you were trying to sit, putting more pressure on the brake. This will help you keep your balance.

Posted 5237 day ago

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