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Is it dangerous to hold in your pee?

I just asked another question about having to pee when I hear dripping water, and it made me think of this question.

5153 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Yes, it can be dangerous to hold in your pee. When you have to go, you should let it out as soon as possible. If you are in a situation where you cannot urinate, such as in a car or on the street, you should seek a place to urinate and do so when the situation allows. Holding in your urine can cause a condition known as water intoxication. It is also called hyper-hydration and water poisoning. Water intoxication is caused by having unusually high amounts of water in the body and it is fatal. It takes a long time of holding to build up enough water in the body to cause intoxication, and it is not very likely to happen. However, other harmful effects from holding in your pee occur much sooner.

Your body can only hold so much water, or pee. Pee is stored in the bladder until it is full and released through urination. Most of us don’t have the muscle control to hold in urine so long that we hurt ourselves. Our muscles simply give way and we pee our pants. A few people have a strong control of the muscles holding back the urine in the bladder. If held too long, it can stretch the bladder, causing pain. Again, this is highly unusual. While it is possible, it doesn’t really happen very often.

So, in most cases you are safe holding in your urine for 30 – 60 minutes. Any longer and you will probably just pee anyway, no matter if you are ready or not. To save yourself this embarrassment, or the possibility of bodily harm, it is always a good practice just to go when you feel you need to.

Posted 5153 day ago

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