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Why do I have to pee when I hear water dripping?

Everytime I hear water dripping, I feel like I have to go pee. Why?

5153 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

To be sure, some people are more susceptible to the running or dripping water/urinating connection than others. Some people I know like to keep fountains all over their home for feng shui or Zen relaxation purposes, and they donít seem to go to the bathroom any more than usual. I have noticed, however, that many guests seem to frequent the bathroom more than usual. These are the ones the sounds must be affecting. If you are among those who have the sudden urge to go to the bathroom when you hear running or dripping water, you have only your brain to thank.

Humans, along with most mammals and a few other animal species, are susceptible to a type of learning called classical conditioning. Classical conditioning was made famous by Ivan Pavlov, the early 20th century Russian doctor and psychologist. Pavlov showed the world that autonomic reflexes could be triggered by outside stimuli. He used dogs as his subjects. When dogs get meat in their mouths, they produce excess saliva, so much that it can drip out. Pavlov began to train the dogs by ringing a bell. At the same time he would give them meat powder, causing them to salivate. After months of repetition, he was able to ring the bell and the dogs would salivate without being given any meat. The dogs had associated the bell so closely with the meat, it made them salivate.

The same is true of running water and urinating. Many people associate urinating with the sound of running or dripping water. When you pee, the stream makes this sound. With some people, it becomes so ingrained that a similar sound can cause the body to initiate a response for urgent urination.

Posted 5153 day ago

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Question Title Why do I have to pee when I hear water dripping?
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