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Do some people really have multiple personalities?

Do people really have multiple personalities. It seems to me like they are just faking it.

5154 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Multiple personality disorder is a very real psychological condition that many people suffer from, although it is not quite exactly as it is portrayed on TV and in the movies. More recently, the condition has changed names, and it is now called dissociative identity disorder. Patients must display a minimum of two separate identities that control their behavior. In addition, the symptoms of the disorder cannot have been temporarily caused by drug use. Patients are identified and diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder through an intensive 30 60 minute interview by a psychiatrist.

The common symptoms associated with dissociative identity disorder are as follows:

Differing behaviors and attitudes, sometimes diametrically opposed to one another.
Headaches and body pain
Loss or distortions of time
Memory loss/amnesia
Flashbacks of past trauma
Multiple phobias
Sudden loss of temper or aggravated anger with no apparent cause
Lack of personal ties with others
Panic attacks
Hallucinations especially auditory

Multiple personalities also have a long history in society. Many people who suffered from this disorder in the 18th century and earlier were thought to be possessed by demons and required an exorcism. As science progressed, it was found that most people who suffered from this condition experienced severe emotional or physical trauma at some point early in their lives.

Even with all the evidence and studies done, some psychiatrists still dispute the existence of multiple personality disorder. They say that it is really another type of disorder, most likely schizophrenia. Still other doctors believe that the disorder exists, but they say it is brought on by other doctors through faulty therapy practices.

Posted 5154 day ago

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Question Title Do some people really have multiple personalities?
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