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Do ears continue to grow after the rest of the body stops growing?

Do ears keep growing? My friend said they do. I don't want my ears to get any bigger. They are already kind of freakish.

5154 day(s) ago

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Many people say that ears grow continuously throughout our life, but this is only partially true. One study done in Germany in 2007 for the Institute of Human Biology and Physical Anthropology shows that ears grow longer throughout our lives, but, after adulthood, they do not grow wider. The longest ears were those of people older than 85. Most growth occurs as we are children, from birth to 10 years of age. Growth of the ears slows slightly through puberty, and then it establishes a flat, linear pace once we reach adulthood. Ears grow more in men than they do in women. The average ear length for women in the study was 52 mm long at birth, 61 mm long at age 20, and 72 mm long at age 70. For men, the lengths were 52 mm at birth, 65 mm at age 20, and 78 mm at age 70.

It is interesting to note that three parts of the ear do not grow at all, remaining the same size from birth to death. One of these parts is called the concha auriculae, also known as the floor of the ear. This is the hollow part just to the rear and above the ear canal. Next is the incisura intertagica, the lower hollow part of the ear. Finally, the brim of the helix, the very top inner portion of the ear, doesn’t grow from birth.

Those who conducted the study, believe that these ear growth patterns are not only true of humans, but for all primates. Another interesting fact is that the ears, in proportion to the rest of the body, are the biggest organs of a newborn baby. The rest of the body grows substantially faster than the ears.

Posted 5154 day ago

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Question Title Do ears continue to grow after the rest of the body stops growing?
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