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How to make mashed potatoes?

My girlfriend told me the other night that she loves mashed potatoes. We can't really afford to go out to eat too often, but I want to treat her; problem is, I can't cook. How do you make mashed potatoes?

5184 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Lucky for you, making mashed potatoes is incredibly easy. There are a few different ways of doing it, but this is the method I use, and they come out to my liking every time.

I use Yukon Gold potatoes. Since I make for a whole family, I use about half of a five pound bag. If you're leaving the skins on, then clean the potatoes well. If you're peeling them, just peel away. Whether you peel or not depends on your taste, so ask your girlfriend which she prefers. After this, chop them into large chunks of about the same size, so they cook faster.
Put the chopped potatoes into a pot on high heat, and let the water boil. They'll have to boil for a while, and the time will depend on how small the chunks you cut are. Just test them every few minutes; you want them to be soft enough that you can mash them with a fork, but not totally mushy.
When they're done, drain the potatoes and put them back in the pot. I usually add a few pats of butter and a dollop of sour cream. Salt and pepper liberally as well, and then mash the potatoes! You can use an electric mixer or a tool called a potato masher, but just work them until they're smooth and creamy. That's pretty much it!
If you want to make garlic mashed potatoes, just add a few cloves of garlic at the boiling stage, and mash them in. I like it, but your girlfriend might not!

Posted 5184 day ago

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