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How to Move On

How do I move on after breaking up with my girlfriend?

5187 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Breaking up is hard to do. It is usually more difficult for the person who was broken up with, but it can be painful for the person doing the breaking up as well. Broken hearts are one of the slowest mending wounds there are. Following a few important tips can help alleviate the pain and get the process moving along.

First, donít obsess. The event will weigh heavily on your mind, but donít let it take over your life. Try to distract yourself and keep your mind busy with other activities.

Donít go back. Trust that the best decision has been made, and do not waste time trying to get back together or rethinking the choice.

Give yourself some space. Give your ex some space, also. Even if you have decided to stay friends, you will both need some time apart to heal and put your lives into perspective. This means no phone calls, no emails, and no texts. You both need a complete disconnect for several weeks.

Keep a support group close at hand. Whether your group is friends or family, make sure they have an ear or a shoulder available for you. Go out on the weekends with them. Hang out during the week. As many distractions as possible while the break-up is fresh will help a lot.

Be happy alone. Give yourself some ďyouĒ time. Do something for yourself every day. Love yourself. Understand that you donít need anyone. When you feel okay to be alone, then you can begin to think about the future. There are at least 1 billion other people in the world that are potential mates. Be assured that you will find someone better.

Posted 5186 day ago

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