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How to Be Popular

What are some good pointers to be more popular?

5214 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Have other people be excited and proud to be friends with you. Thats how it works for celebrities. People always say thngs like, "Oh, I once talked to that singer guy for from the Doobie brothers", or "Yeah, my aunt has a friend who is married to the guy on Myth Busters (true)". Each school is differest, so each school has different things that seem appealing to the student body. In my school, you can be great at theatre and be popular, or just be a nice person. Just never ever treat others like they are below you. You may not think you would ever do that, but watch out. It can sneak up on even the best of us.

Posted 3960 day ago

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Although people will tell you that life is not a popularity contest, much of it actually is. Popular people find they have many advantages in life due to people being willing to do things to help them along the way. Many people, however, enjoy doing things for themselves, so being popular is not very important to them. In the end, a good balance between self-sufficiency and popularity is best. To help you improve your popularity, you must boost your interest level. Instead of making yourself more interesting, though, make others more interesting instead. You do this by being interested in them. Focus your attention on other people. When you are interested, people will like you. If you try to be interesting yourself, people will just find you annoying. When you first begin, you may have to force yourself to find interesting things about other people. Take the time to find something and expand on it. Try to discover if people could use your help. Offer help to them, but never force yourself on others. Not everyone wants to be helped. Let them know you are available if they need you.

Donít pick and choose who you find interesting or who you want to interact with. Interact with everyone. Smile, and say hello. Crack a few jokes, or flirt with them. All of this should be done respectfully and there should be no one as the brunt of the jokes. Keep your conversations casual and light. Controversial subjects will only alienate people. The best thing you can do to help make yourself popular is to be confident. Confidence will go a long way to win over friends and admirers.

Posted 5214 day ago

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