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How to Be A Good Kisser

I want to know I am a good kisser. How can I be sure?

4842 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

A good kiss can be a magical experience. Most people want to kiss well and impress their partner. By doing so, the pleasure and sensuality of the kiss will be increased for the both of you. A good kiss involves more than the lips. It is usually first accompanied by good conversation that leads to the kiss. Light touching with the hands should prelude the kiss. At a minimum, you should be holding hands. Touching the back, shoulders, neck, and face is also very exciting. A good move is to touch your partnerís cheek with your thumb and support her neck with your other four fingers. At this point, you can slowly bring your lips together. I must emphasize the word, ďslowly.Ē Your lips should be lightly brushing. Pull back slightly and hover for a second before making lip-to-lip contact again. Your lips will naturally part slightly as you kiss. Move the tip of your tongue out and lightly brush the tip of your partnerís tongue. You can put a little pressure behind it, but do not be forceful. Your tongue should never be completely inside your partnerís mouth. Thatís too much. About half-way is the maximum depth. Play with the tip of your partnerís tongue with yours. Try moving up and down gently or rolling in circular motions. Eventually, you will be able to find the groove where you are both comfortable, and soon you will not have to think about it. You can let yourself get lost in the kiss and the feeling of enjoying the company and sharing the experience with your partner.

Posted 4842 day ago

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