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How to tie a scarf

How do I tie a scarf?

5252 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Tying a scarf is a lot like tying a tie, with a seemingly endless variety of methods.

There are three basic knots you'll need to know for wrapping a scarf around your neck. You can do these knots without folding if you're using a winter scarf. If you're using a thin scarf like the video, you may want to fold it lengthwise first.

Let's say this fine piece of ascii artwork is your scarf:


Ascot: Place B over A. Fold B under A. Bring B up through the center loop and fold it over the front. You should now have A on the bottom, the knot in the middle, and B on top.

Fake knot: Tie a knot in A. Pull B through the top loop of the knot.

European: Fold the scarf in half and place it over your neck. Run A and B together through the loop at the end.

Posted 5252 day ago

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Question Title How to tie a scarf
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