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Why do I shiver after I pee?

Every time I pee, a shiver runs up my back. Why is this?

5275 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

I'm a woman, and ever since I was a tiny kid I've sometimes shivered BEFORE I pee. My mom used to see me and tell me to go to the bathroom.

Posted 4219 day ago

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Although the “pee shakes” or “piss shivers” as they are commonly called, seem a medical imperative to you and I, doctors do not agree. The world of medical research has, so far, decided not to put any money into the cause of this mysterious biological phenomenon. Because of the lack of interest, all we know for sure, is that the condition is prevalent enough to warrant a complicated and important-sounding official name – post-micturition convulsion syndrome, or PMCS, for short. Names, after all, don’t cost any money like research does. However, as more and more of us commoners cry out for an explanation on the internet, we can only hope that scientific research begins soon.

A lack of scientific research, though, has never stopped us from theorizing and there are several theories as to the cause of PMCS. None of these theories are perfect as there seems to be problems with each one.

The leading theory is that the rapid loss of warm fluids lowers the body’s temperature and we shiver to warm ourselves back up. A mystery remains with this theory as to why the shivers don’t occur when we defecate or vomit.

Another theory is that we are simply getting cold as a result of exposing our private parts to the open air. The problem with this theory is that some babies have been seen to experience PMCS when urinating while wearing a diaper.

Some say PMCS is the result of a mini-orgasm that occurs because our nervous system gets confused between the two major functions of the penis. Detractors of this theory point out that while 83% of males experience pee shakes, so do 58% of females and the female urethra is not used for any sexual purpose. Closely related to this theory is that the passage of sperm through the urethra is the cause and this theory has related problems.

Comedian George Carlin once theorized that pee shakes are an evolutionary throwback from when we were stupid apes and didn’t know how to shake it dry ourselves.

We can only hope that science will one day provide an answer to this universal human mystery.

Posted 5275 day ago

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4722 day(s) ago
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Question Title Why do I shiver after I pee?
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