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Possible gay feelings between best friend and I?

I'm a 16 year old guy, my best friend is a 15 year old guy. I am secretly gay and in love with him and extremely attracted to him. I've always been afraid I might do or say something that would make him find out. But lately he's been acting a lot different. He is spending a lot more time with me. Plus we've been joking around sexually a lot more, like texting sexual stuff and giving each other seductive looks. But I'm starting to wonder if we are joking any more. Whenever we're together, I'll glance at him when he thinks I'm.not looking and catch him seemingly checking me out. Like I'll see him looking...below my belt...all the time. Do you think he may be attracted to me too? If so, how do I bring up our feelings? Especially mine?

4069 day(s) ago

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Question Title Possible gay feelings between best friend and I?
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