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Question about alcohol and drinking.

Ok, say I buy 4 24oz. Cans of beer, drink them in the afternoon, and get a good buzz, then a few hours later when I'm completely sober, I'll go back and have a few more, but after the 4th I feel as if I havent drank at all. Why is that? I'm guessing it has something to do with the metabolism of my body removing the alcohol and consuming more a few hours later may cause it to be filtered by my liver at an accelerated rate and that's why I don't feel round two of drinking that day? Can anyone give me a solid answer to this?

4092 day(s) ago

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Best Answer

the body metabolises alcohol inside cells using an intracellular structure called a peroxisome which is basically a membrane bound sac of hydrogen peroxide, the membrane for which is synthesised inside the cell under genetic instruction. When a significant exposure to alcohol occurs in the cell, it responds by producing significantly more peroxisomes to cope with the alcohol. Of course, the protein syntheisis that drives this takes a few hours so it doesn't contribute to the initial alcohol metabolism. When you resume the drinking some time later, the new peroxisomes are ready to tackle the increased alcohol content and process it much faster than previously. Liver cells naturaly contain more peroxisomes than normal body cells but almost every cell in the body helps to break down small ethanol molecules, which is part of why drunkeness is such a full body sensation and takes such a toll on the body.

Currently studying bachelor of health science.

Posted 4080 day ago

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