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is this a haunting?

it first started when i was nine.Me and my family moved into a white house with two bedrooms my dad built a bedroom in the basement.The second week i started seeing stuff,i saw i think was a demon by my couch,then my friend alex standing at the door way,then a man walking across my bedroom floor,a girl sitting on my staires heading upstaires.then the fourth week i started hearing hissing in my walls ( no i do not have a cat).then the one night i seen a grey cat with bright yellow eyes staring at me.things started getting worse like me having dreams that was falling off of a cliff or a church wereever i ran i would always end up at the church.i moved out of the house a year later into a bigger my dreams arnt that night i rember being a raven but for me to turn and fly as a raven i had to jump off of a high place like a house or a cliff xD.then someone would tell me to kill someone who sinned then i would turn into a black bear then kill the way i HATE twilight etc.somedays i still see passing spirits but they never hurt me just scared the living crap out of me.the one time when i was nine i was scared then my auntie who died four years ago from when i was nine.i seen aunties hand brushing my hair out of my face and rocking my side of my bed trying to comfort name is alex and im super good at running i could run for along time. that one time i was walking and i saw the same two yellow eyes in the grass.. a few yards away.(that was night by the way).the other day i was walking and i seen a black figure run by me pushing me down.i do have a dead father in heaven i have alot of dead family members up there.i think my dead family members are trying to protect me from the evil/angry/hurt spirits that are trying to cause me pain.i tried telling my mom this she said ''your tired goto bed'' i told my grandmother this she said nothing. -__-' im SO confused bout myself right now.sometimes my mind tells me to do mean things to my family. i do pray to god he has answered me lots.. theres LOTS i could tell you about but i feel wrong just asking about this. :P ..i think im going CRAZY!

4430 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Man Thats bad i had something like that before.
I was having a holiday with my parents we go to a mansion for the night.
I wake up in the middle of the night a man was at bed reading a book i got scared and tried to turn around while turning i saw a scary woman and i go off
I hope you got good!

Posted 4390 day ago

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wow- that does sound pretty crazy Alex. It seems like this is either you're imagination or the devil playing with your head. it doesn't sound like I could help you but if God is answering you then you should ask Him what to do. .

Posted 4390 day ago

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