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why we kill animals for food when we have vegetables and fruits to eat????

4436 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

for many reasons.

Firstly, humans are naturally omnivores- meaning they eat vegetables and meat, and a lot of people enjoy eating meat, so I don't think there's any way that everyone on Earth would voluntarily become a vegetarian. Also quite a few people are picky eaters so it would practically be impossible for them to not eat meat.

Secondly, a lot of people just don't care about killing animals

Thirdly, vegetarians do have a harder life than omnivores, because as I said before- there will always be some people who want to eat meat, so you would often have a limited choice at some place like a restaurant. Also, vegetarians often get sick quicker than omnivores because they aren't getting the same nutrients.

Fourthly, some cultures have traditions or celebrations which involve hurting animals and they think it is completely acceptable and normal, so you would be insulting their culture if you were to demand them to stop.

In conclusion, producing steak etc is quite harmful to the environment (using up so much water etc) but it is just the accepted thing to do. And if you look at all of the animals- quite a few of them hunt other animals for food- so how are we that different?

Posted 4390 day ago

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Why do you eat vegetables and fruits. The are also a living beings.

Posted 4425 day ago

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4424 day(s) ago
isn't there a certain religion or belief system where they will only eat the leaf or fruit of a plant, and not the root because eating the root kills the plant?
I think some forms of Jainism follow this practice.

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Question Title why we kill animals for food when we have vegetables and fruits to eat????
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