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When will Cthulhu rise?

He is waiting under the sea to rise and cause destruction and insanity.

4626 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Cthulhu will rise when the stars are right, and that’s all we know. The celestial bodies will come into alignment, and the Great Old One known as Cthulhu will rise out of the depths with his sunken city R’lyeh and reclaim what was once his. All who see him, and many who don’t, will fall into uncontrollable insanity; the lucky ones will be dead. The Earth will again become a haven for the outer beings, as it once was in eons past, and the remaining humans will be naught but slaves.

Cthulhu and the outer beings came to Earth from beyond the stars long ago when people were still picking lice out of their fur and eating their own feces as apes are wont to do. They took a liking to this planet and established control over it. Earth has since been the site of several great wars between the forces of the Great Old Ones, sometimes referred to as the Outer Gods.

Cthulhu is a being of immense power. He stands several hundred feet tall and has the head of an octopus. He has great wings emerging from his back, but his body can morph and change as his will seems fit. At times his body can be without form and cloudy. At other times it of great girth, and at still other times, it can be slender, yet muscular. His appearance is so horrifying all that see him go mad. Some of these insane people become his priestly slaves drawing more and more followers into his cult of madness.

For unknown reasons, the city of Cthulhu sank beneath the Pacific Ocean. It is located at S 47° 9’; W 126° 43’ 47”. Since the Great Old Ones are extra-dimensional beings, they had constructed the city through architecture utilizing non-euclidian geometry that the minds of humans cannot fully comprehend.

Humans had come into their own at the time of the sinking of R’lyeh, and Cthulhu would communicate with them telepathically. This turned them into insane cultists, and some of these cults survive today trying to hasten the rising of their master. If they succeed, then the time when the stars are right may be sooner than anyone believes. If this should occur, nothing will be able to save us.

Posted 4626 day ago

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Question Title When will Cthulhu rise?
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