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Do different alcohols affect you differently?

I heard tequila makes you wild and crazy and gin makes you laid back and mellow.

4595 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

No, the alcohol in different alcoholic beverages does not affect you differently. Everyone has heard the stories of people getting so wiped out on tequila they donít know where they are or who they are. Everyone also has their own personal stories about different drunks from different drinks, but technically the alcohol in tequila is no different from the alcohol in gin or wine. At the same time, the effects of alcohol are dependent on other factors than what you drink and how much.

Beverage alcohol is scientifically known as ethanol, and all ethanol has the same chemical formula. Scientifically, it should not affect you differently because it is in a different beverage. The explanation for believing that it does has to do with environment. The effects of alcohol can change in different environments. Different types of alcohol are served for different types of occasions. For instance, tequila is not often served at a stuffy high-class social party. Tequila is usually served at time when people are looking to get a little wild, thus they end up that way.

Besides having different effects in different environments, alcohol can have a different effect depending on your mood. When you are sad, alcohol can make you sadder, or sometimes it can make you happy. When you are in an upbeat mood, alcohol can make you the life of the party, or it can bring you down.

These examples bring us to the next point: alcohol effects different people differently. Not everyone is affected the same way by drinking alcohol, and these differing effects can change depending on each individualís mood.

Other factors that may affect how alcohol works on you includes how much you weigh and how much tolerance you have. Those who weigh less need less alcohol to become drunk. Those who drink often are just as impaired, but they experience the effects differently because they are used to them. Finally, young people seem to be more greatly affected by alcohol than older people.

Posted 4595 day ago

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