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Why is January the break up month?

I heard some relationship advice person say this. They said something about relationship freezing, but I didn't understand it.

4595 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

You are correct in what you heard. January is the most common month for ending relationships. You also heard right that one of the reasons for this is something called relationship freeze, which occurs during the holidays because of the holidays. It is also what transpires during the holidays that makes January the prime time for breaking up.

The primary reason for so many breakups in January is relationship freeze. To put it simply, couples tend to freeze the status of their relationship through the holiday season, which is just prior to Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. During this time, individuals may have already decided that they want to end their relationship, but they feel obligated to keep it together for appearances with family and friends. Also, nobody wants to do something that will seem mean during this time of cheer because it is often considered cruel. Finally, some people know their relationship is not working, but they are afraid to be alone during that time.

Another reason for breaking up in January is due to what transpires during the holidays. Some couples may be experiencing a difficult time. Other couples are new and a firm commitment has not yet been established. If someone doesn’t want a relationship to continue, it often shows through by their behavior during the holidays. One person in the couple will often notice neglect or they will not receive the type of gifts they expected.

When couples are new, the holidays are considered a make it or break it time. Buying extravagant and heartfelt gifts can seal the commitment in a relationship at this time. Many people get afraid of committing so they do not give the gifts the other is expecting, and they do not act as lovingly as the other person is hoping.

Once the holidays are over, so is all the pressure to keep up appearances. Individuals have time to analyze the status of their relationship and make those tough decisions. People can initiate a breakup without appearing to be a grinch.

Posted 4595 day ago

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Question Title Why is January the break up month?
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