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Is the diary of Anne Frank fake?

I am reading this for a class, and I was talking about it with my friend and her dad said that it is fake because little girls don't talk or think like that.

4596 day(s) ago

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The Diary of Anne Frank is completely true. Although people have been accusing it of being a fictional tale for several decades, all of the facts are true as seen through the eyes of and as have been written by Anne Frank between the ages of 13 and 15. However, some of the rumors about the book’s authenticity started when it was discovered it had been edited before it was published for mass release.

The Diary of Anne Frank is probably the best-known book in the world about the holocaust. The book was published using the diary Anne began to keep at the age of 13. Anne and her family were of Jewish descent, but not exceptionally religious people. They lived for quite some time in Germany before moving to the Netherlands when the Nazis came into power. In 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands and began to prosecute Jews living there.

When Anne’s older sister was called to report for emigration to a work camp, it was decided the family would go into hiding. The diary is about their two years of hiding in secret rooms. After their capture, the family was separated. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, survived. The rest of the family did not.

After the war, Otto returned to the Netherlands to meet with friends. One of the friends who knew about the family’s hiding had found Anne’s diary after their capture, and he gave it to Otto. Otto, wishing for his daughter to become the author she had wanted to be, submitted the diaries and supplemental notebooks to an historical archivist named Gerrit Bolkestein.

Bolkestein created fictional names for the other people in hiding with the Franks. She also edited the diaries for spelling and grammar, but made no major changes in the information presented. Otto then began his own editing process, using excerpts from Bolkestein’s version and the original version.

What is known about the final version is that Otto removed parts of the diary, but he did not make up any new stories, thoughts or situations. The parts he omitted dealt with disagreements Anne had with her parents and semi-explicit thoughts Anne had about her emerging sexuality.

A controversy began in 1980 when a German magazine purported that changes to the diary had been made in ballpoint pen, which was supposed to have been unavailable at the time. After Otto’s death in 1980, his will placed the diary in the hands of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD). The NIOD conducted a thorough analysis, including forensic examination, and published all versions of the diary and the analysis in a 700-page book subtitled The Critical Edition.

Finally, in 1998, the five pages of material omitted by Otto were released by the NIOD, making the diary once again complete. Below is the only known video footage of Anne Frank. She is watching a wedding from the window of her home in 1941.

Posted 4596 day ago

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Question Title Is the diary of Anne Frank fake?
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