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Do flies puke when they land?

That's disgusting if they do this everytime they land on you.

4597 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Flies do not puke every time they land on something. This is a common myth, but it is derived from the truth about how flies digest their food. This spreading of this myth is a clear example of exaggerating the truth in order to get people to acquire good habits. In this case, the good habit is shoeing away flies when they land on food and other objects regularly touched.

The truth of the matter is that flies never regularly puke. What they do is they spit on their food before they eat it. You see, puking means the contents of your stomach are expelled from your body, but saliva is not considered stomach contents, so it is just spitting. I donít know if this is actually comforting, but spitting on food might be just a tad better than puking on everything.

This next part is not very comforting either, but it is more of the truth about houseflies. It is still not good to let flies land on you or objects you regularly use. The reason for this is because flies like to eat poop and dead animals. Now, think of everything you know about flies. What is one of their common traits? They have furry legs that allow them to stick to walls.

Are you making the connection? The stickiness of fly legs works both ways. When they land on dead animals and poop, pieces can get stuck to their legs, and then they land on you and your things with their poopy legs. Both poop and dead animals are laden with disease-causing bacteria and should be avoided.

Another fact is that flies poop themselves. You canít often see fly poop, but it is there, and flies donít have any bathrooms. They just go wherever is comfortable.

So, while flies may not puke on everything, with all of the other disgusting stuff they do, they might as well.

Posted 4597 day ago

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Question Title Do flies puke when they land?
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