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where are drivers stored ?

Where are hardware drivers stored on my computer?

4350 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

It depends on which operating system you are using.

Windows stores drivers in several places in the Windows folder, including \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 and \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS. Some added drivers are located in folders that also contain utility software for that device, say, an HP printer driver may be in a folder labeled "HP" or "HP Deskjet (model number.)" To find out where a driver is for a specific device is, select "Run..." from the Start menu, type in "msinfo32," and click "OK." This will list your computer's devices, and the drivers they use.

This information can also be accessed by opening "Control Panel" in your Start menu and clicking on "Device Manager." You will see a list of devices on your computer. Right-click on run on your computer. Some distributions have "backport" packages, in which the latest (and possibly untested) drivers are automatically added to your current kernel.

Some drivers are outside the kernel, particularly video card drivers. These are held in the "usr/lib" or "usr/lib64" directories.the one you want to know about and select "Preferences" from the pop-up menu. Click on the "Driver" tab, then click on "Driver Details."

OSX stores its drivers in the /system/library directory. This folder has directories inside it for each kind of device, such as "/system/library/printers" for printer drivers.

Linux stores almost all device drivers inside the kernel. This is why almost everything works out of the box without additional software. If a driver isn't included, the kernel has to be recompiled to add it. The driver information is added to the source code (programming language,) and then converted to binary so it can be run by your computer.

Posted 4350 day ago

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