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What is the largest museum in the world?

3068 day(s) ago

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There are many large museums in major metropolitan centers throughout the world, but have you ever wondered what the largest museum in the entire world is? Although the Smithsonian museum is the largest museum complex, the largest single museum in the world is the Louvre. Located in Paris, France, the Louvre displays over 35,000 pieces of art. The museum owns a much larger collection but most of the pieces are kept in storage. Periodically, the museum rotates its collection. The museum has been open since 1793, although the building itself dates back to medieval times when it was a military fortification.

First time visitors often feel overwhelmed. You should research hours of operation and ticket prices. Make sure that you prioritize your visit to the Louvre so that you get to see the exhibits that you truly want to see. It is easy to spend hours wandering the Louvre and never see the particular painting or statue that you came to see.
When you prepare to go to the world's largest museum, make sure that you take into account the physical exertion you will undergo. If you are not very active, you might want to start building up some stamina. After all, once you are inside the Louvre you will be on your feet for hours.

Remember to stay hydrated and to take plenty of breaks. There are restaurants and cafes on the lowest level of the museum by the ticket booths. Once you purchase your admission ticket, you can leave the museum and return anytime you like throughout the day.

If you cannot make it to the Louvre in Paris, keep your eye out for traveling exhibits. Occasionally, the Louvre loans some of its pieces to other museums throughout the world. If there are no such exhibits near you, there is another way for you to visit the world's largest museum without leaving your living room. The Louvre museum website offers a virtual tour.

Posted 3068 day ago

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Question Title What is the largest museum in the world?
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