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What causes depression ?

What are the causes of depression?

4711 day(s) ago

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It may seem like doctors and scientists know everything, but there are many conditions that are still very mysterious to science and health professionals. Clinical depression is a very complicated disorder and we do not know exactly what causes it. Some say it is a genetic factor, others believe it is caused by outside environmental or social conditions, and still others believe it is a combination of both. Although the exact cause of depression is unknown, scientists have determined that certain factors can increase the risk of developing depression.

Some factors that are linked to depression are:

Drugs and/or alcohol this includes illegal drugs and prescription medications.
Abuse abuse as a child or as an adult can be a factor in developing depression. Forms of abuse include physical, emotional, and sexual.
Social conflict when close family is always in conflict and fighting, depression may result.
Death the death of a close relative, friend, or pet.
Outside events any event that causes a drastic change in lifestyle is linked to depression. Examples of events are can be related to starting or losing a job, moving, or divorce.
Illness Sometimes another sickness can trigger depression as the person desperately wishes to be well again.
Genetics Those who have other family members or a family history of depression, have an increased risk of developing depression themselves.

Research continues today as doctors try to find an exact cause of depression. It has been noted that a physical change occurs in the brains of depressed people and chemical activity is different from the brains of people who are not depressed. This information has been used in some new drug treatments that have proven effective in some people but the complex nature of depression makes a sure-fire cure seem impossible at the moment.

Posted 4711 day ago

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