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How to make a toga?

My friend in college is going to one of those stereotypical toga parties; how can I help him make a toga? Cheaply, please!

4028 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Making a toga is practically a right of passage for the college-goer, and for good reason: toga parties are a great excuse to put on airs, drink like the Romans and wear bed sheets in public! Plus, tying a toga is easy enough that even the incredibly inebriated can manage it with little difficulty.
All you really need is a bed sheet. White is traditionally used, but if he wants to stand out, he can use anything from polka dots to his Batman sheets from the fifth grade. Just make sure it's the flat sheet, not the fitted one!

Hold the bed sheet lengthwise with the center behind your back and the top corners in each hand, as though you were toweling off your back. Cross your right hand across your body and under your left arm, and then wrap your left hand towards your right, leaving the corner of the sheet that was in your right hand poking above the wrapped left side. Pull the corner in your left hand over your right shoulder. Reach over your back and pull the corner that had been in your right hand up and towards your right shoulder. Tie the two corners together, and then adjust the knot so that it's at the peak of your shoulder. Add a laurel wreath and a red plastic cup, and you're ready to attend the college party of your choice. Veni, vidi, vici!

I know those directions can be a bit confusing without visuals, so here's a video of a guy doing it exactly the way I described. He actually shows four different ways of tying a toga, including one for bigger guys who can't fit into the original style using a standard bed sheet. Hope this helps, and that your friend has a good time!

Posted 4028 day ago

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Question Title How to make a toga?
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