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How to fall asleep?

I have trouble falling asleep almost every night. How can I help myself fall asleep without the aid of drugs or chemicals?

3501 day(s) ago

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Sleep is an incredibly important part of our daily rituals, and so many people don't know how to prepare themselves for it. The most important thing when trying to fall asleep is readying your body for the night. If you just got finished bouncing off the walls ten minutes ago, your system isn't going to be able to make the switch into a sleep mode that quickly. Here are some ideas for preparing your body and mind for rest, which I do for myself nightly:
Dim the lights in your home for about half an hour before you sleep. We're naturally designed to react to darkness by shutting down, so it will help signal that it's time to hibernate.
Don't drink any caffeine for several hours before you sleep. The effects of a single soda can still affect you hours later, so I make it a habit not to have any after noon, just to ensure that it's all out of my system by the time I want to be in bed.
Drink something soothing. Whether it's warm milk, chamomile tea, or just a glass of water, a comforting beverage that you associate with sleep will help strengthen your body's notice of the fact that it's time to go down.
In general, don't spend time in your bedroom unless you're going to be sleeping immediately. In the same way that your grandmother's kitchen reminds you of chocolate chip cookies, your bedroom should remind you and your body of sleep. If it's just another room in your house, it will lose any of that significance and be another hindrance on your way to slumber.
Last, don't stress about it. Worrying about sleep will get in the way of sleep. Just try to relax at night, and see what happens. Good luck, and sweet dreams!

Posted 3501 day ago

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